Become a Freelance Journalist and take Blogging to a Whole New Level!

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Do you have something interesting to say?  Can you tell a good Story?  Maybe earning a living as an Internet Marketer is for you!  Sharing your thoughts and opinions with the world can be intimidating to some but a sure way to vent to many others.

Where does your passion lie?  Can you help others?  Do you want to help others?

These are some of the questions to ask yourself if your goal is to earn a hefty living in the New Age of Publishing.

In the 1920s, as modern journalism was just taking form, writer Walter Lippmann and American philosopher John Dewey debated over the role of journalism in a Democracy. Their differing philosophies still characterize a debate about the role of journalism in society and the nation-state.  Lippmann understood that journalism’s role at the time was to act as a mediator or a Translator between the public and policy making elites. The journalist became the middleman.

The middleman of the new millennium, gives us all the opportunity to freedom of speech and at the same time earn a living in a variety of ways.  Affiliate Marketing and Local Business Promoting are just a few of the many ways.

In today’s day with simple internet access anyone can be a freelance journalist and earn a decent living at the same time! But what do you want to write about or should I say Blog about? What is your passion and will anyone else be interested in what you have to say?  How about Health and Nutrition or maybe your expertise lies along the financial or political side or maybe you just want to spread a cheer : }  Do you have something worthy for readers?  Take your creativity to a whole new level and start blogging.

Online Communications is probably the most important subject you will have to learn to jump start your career, if your looking to be a successful Internet Marketer.

The core of a Internet Marketing in this day in age means being a form of Journalist / Blogger / Story Teller / Teacher and that is my journey ahead.

Thanks for listening to my best 2 cents and if you are just entering the Internet Marketing World or Journalism of today Blogging, Subscribe to my RSS and feel free to comment and we can learn together.

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